Fish Fry 2023

Fish Fry Volunteer Thank You - April 4, 2023

The Fish Fry Fridays are officially over, but we wanted to take a moment to send out a big heartfelt thank you.

These Friday dinners were a huge success, but know we couldn't have done them without all of you.

We know it is not easy to give up your time each and every week. We all have busy
schedules and we know adding one more thing can really make life even crazier,
but we appreciate all you have done over the past 6 weeks. From your willingness to pitch in as needed, fill
in at the last minute, and even switching your shifts to accommodate our needs, you all are amazing.

Thank you for volunteering your time and doing it with a smile. We hope you will be back with us next year
to help.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your families and we hope to see you around St. Clare

If anyone would like to be part of the planning committee for next year, please reach out to the parish
office at 513.541.2100.

Thanks again, Your Fish Fry Committee