St. Bartholomew Festival


Dear Friends from our Family of Parishes,

On July 1, 2022, the parishes of St. Vivian, Assumption, St. Clare, Mother of Christ, St. Bernard and St. Bartholomew became a parish family.

We at St. Bartholomew are planning for the 2023 summer festival with the dates of July 28 (6-11 PM), 29 (5-11 PM) and 30 (4-9 PM). We would like to invite all the parishes in our new parish family to come and participate by chairing and staffing a booth. We would anticipate doing a financial sharing of revenue based on the booth chaired by each parish. For instance, if Assumption is the booth chair and staffs the fish pond, then the revenue for that booth will be sent to Assumption parish. Last year, St. Bernard and Mother of Christ ran the French Fry booth, and they plan to chair the booth again this year. This led to good comradery within our parish families.

We are currently looking for booth captains for Parking, Gambling, and multiple children’s booths. Certainly, if you have a booth idea in mind, just come and join the fun!

With the time counting down soon, we need to move quickly to have festival plans all complete.

If you have any questions reach out to Bill Mauntel 513.479.1511 or St. Bartholomew parish office at 513.522.3680.

Bill Mauntel
Festival Chair